Tutor workshops

Ensure your skills are up to date

In 2017, the Read Write Now program is celebrating its 40th anniversary and a full day of workshops and activities was held on Saturday May 13. See the What's Happening page for a summary and photos of the day.


Saturday Skills Workshops

The next series of Saturday Skills Workshops will be held SATURDAY OCTOBER 28 2017.
Please note that the two Pronunciation workshops on offer are now full.


The ESL/LLN Skills Symposium run by Central Institute of Technology was held on Saturday October 10. Information on the workshops and how to register for the Symposium was sent to you via email. Registration was free for Read Write Now tutors. About 25 RWN tutors took up the invitation and feedback has been very positive.

Professional Development
Read Write Now offers specialist workshops throughout the year for tutors to attend to increase their skills base and expand their personal and professional networks. Centrally based workshops are conducted throughout the year and local workshops are organised by Regional Coordinators. Over the last 15 years, speakers such as Glenn Capelli, Robert Plumb, Dr John Clarkson, Dr Kathryn Trees, Dr Samina Yasmeen and Ian Lillico have provided keynote addresses and/or run 2 hour workshops for our volunteer tutors. Workshop topics such as Dyslexia, Right Brain Thinking, Understanding Islam, Memory Skills, Specialist ESL training, Learning Difficulties and Special Needs, Multiple Intelligences, Spelling Techniques, Internet Navigation, Computing, Writing, Blogs and Wikis, Reading and Numeracy have all been on offer to the volunteers.

Keynote presentations you may want to re-visit
Dr Lorraine Hammond (Aug 2009), a senior lecturer and Special Education Coordinator at Edith Cowan University presented on the topic of Teaching all brains to read.

The August 2007 Keynote speaker was Ian Lillico who presented his findings on Predominant Learning Styles of Males and Females.