14 NOV 2019

Faure Award winner

The RWN Tutor Conference was held Saturday November 2 at the Northbridge campus of NM TAFE.  As part of the opening presentations, the Faure Award was presented to an outstanding student, Samuel Timney, who told the audience just how much his life had changed since taking that first step to seek help from RWN. Runner up for the award was Greg Nelson.  The Faure Award was instigated by a former student of the program, Charles, and his tutor, Jessica Berry.  Charles gained so much from his tutoring that he wanted to give back to the program and help other students achieve their goals.  Students were nominated by their tutors for the award and we at Central Office were quietly pleased not to have had to choose between them, as they were all exceptional.  Congratulations to all.

We received terrific feedback on the day, particularly in regard to the workshops that were on offer. Here are just some of the comments:

"Brilliant lecturer."
"This was the best course I have attended with RWN. Thank you."
"The 'Lurking in the Library' workshop was absolutely invaluable for RWN tutors."
"Opened my eyes to a more broader approach of teaching possibilities."
"So valuable in acquiring new tools for prepping work for students."
"Excellent, doubt that it can be improved. Please repeat."

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