20 APR 2020

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20/4/2020 How RWN tutor Robin has adapted tutoring sessions - 

My student is a very motivated 30 year old ESL student from Afghanistan and has been here for 9-10 years. My student has passed  Cert 3 in English while we have been working together. The student was currently studying for a Child Health Certificate 3 days a week at a college, but because of the COVID-19 and due to the fact the student has home responsibilities that didn't allow continuing with the course online. My student  will re-enroll next year and would like to aim towards being a teacher's assistant.

We have been concentrating on reading, writing, spelling, vocabulary, computer and verbal expression.  

The student has learned to use email during our sessions (using Be Connected) and we use that as our way of sending work to each other.

My student and I are currently "meet" once a week for 2 hours using Whats App as a video medium, but may change to Zoom due to its flexibility for both parties being able to see what each other is writing or being able to present pages for practise.
Each week I send my student (via emai) l the work sheets we are going to use in our session.

We always start with a 10 minute talk so we can focus on  verbal conversation and we usually have  a few goals e..g. putting /s/ on all plurals, making sure she uses the possessive if appropriate

During the session we go through the worksheets and discuss any problems or vocabulary that is new.

After the session the student sends  her  homework to me and I then send  feedback on what has gone well and any points that need to be considered  and corrected for our next session.

Never having read a book before my student  can now read short books (up to 20 pages) very well with excellent comprehension with an aim to read more widely.

Session Plan
Have a coffee together, Before the session we each make one so we can have a break and have a drink

Quick Chat -                                                        5 minutes
Go over homework that has had corrections/suggestions sent to the student – 15 minutes
Verbal expression concentrating on:
making sure all /s/ sounds are on plural words
possessives are correct   i.e. How to make a recipe that is a favourite. Life in Dubai    - 15 minutes
Spell words orally from spelling list            20 minutes
Short break                                                10 minutes
Crossword to reinforce words that she has learned from spelling list – just going over it not doing it in the session. 10 minutes
Reading comprehension –                           20 minutes

  • introducing new vocabulary within a text
  • using the dictionary/internet to find the meaning of words
  • reading aloud and correcting stress and intonation
  • answering set questions relating to the text.

6 Scrabble words within category of vegetables – 15 minutes
Homework - Go over the homework for the week – 10 minutes

Handy Tip - How do I tutor without meeting face to face?  

This might be the first time that you and your student need to communicate using technology during your sessions. As we know, even with face-to-face contact, some students find it hard to organise themselves. Changing to ‘contactless’ sessions, may require tutors to recognise that students will need even greater encouragement to become:  

· more self-motivated,  

· more aware of time management  

· more proficient with using the technology of their choice (most likely a mobile phone) eventually going beyond calls and texts.  

Lessons may need to be shorter than usual with this new way of working.  

Lots of flexibility, trial and error and a sense of good-humoured patience will keep everyone learning.

We have developed a forum for tutors using ProBoard. Look out for an invitation in your inbox to join the RWN community of tutors on ProBoard where you can keep in touch and share ideas, ask questions and make suggestions. 

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