25 JUN 2020

Help job seekers affected by COVID-19

"Recent improvements to the site also help make it easier for job seekers to find practical tips and resources to help work out what jobs might suit them and the training pathways to get there. 

Job Jumpstart supports job seekers to understand their interests, skills and capabilities, so they can better appreciate the breadth of jobs that might suit them. This also means they can more confidently communicate to employers why they are a good fit for work in their business.

How can Job Jumpstart help job seekers?

Job Jumpstart is the Australian Government’s digital service for people seeking job search and employment planning information. While the site is targeted at young people, it is useful for all job seekers. It offers a range of information and resources, categorised into life stages for ease of use.

The site provides topic-based articles that link to a range of relevant resources and government services including the Fair Work Ombudsman, Australian Apprenticeships, MoneySmart, e-headspace and other Government employment services and websites.

Information is also available through short videos and a Toolbox full of printable fact sheets, workbooks and tip sheets, including the popular Job Search Basics workbook. "



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