4 JUL 2022

Bookmark Competition

To celebrate Read Write Now's 45th Birthday we invited our students and volunteer tutors to design a bookmark.
The theme for the bookmark was: Read Write Now - In words and pictures
Thank you for all the wonderful designs!

The Exhilaration of Volunteering by tutor Erica

"You'd be good at it," my friend told me. Always looking for different or unusual things to do, she suggested that we volunteer as tutors at Read Write Now. As it is usual for me, I doubted myself, that I could do something like that. I am not a teacher, but I do have a lot of patience and I enjoy teaching others with skills that I have. There would be training, so maybe I would learn how to go about it.

Tutors have many amazing stories to tell of their experiences and the people they have worked with. There are some students that are not successful, some that don't put the effort in, but tutors know that they have tried their best. 

It is extremely satisfying to be involved with organising students and tutors, and all the success stories. This year, celebrating 45 years, Read Write Now has something to be very proud of. 

My Reading and Writing Journey by student Shorn

When I arrived in Australia, I could not read and write and could only spell my name and a few other letters. I joined Read Write Now 20 years ago. Now I can read and write very well but spelling is still challenging for me so I continued with Read Write Now.

I am happy that I can read and write and to be able to fill out forms. It is a great achievement for me to know that I can do all those things. I never knew how to use a computer, to read, to write, and to spell. The Read Write Now tutor taught me how to use a computer and now I can do so without much help.

When my daughter and I travelled oversees for holiday, I could fill out the forms at the airport and did not have to rely on my daughter. We went on a trip around the Caribbean islands and visited my family. My daughter loved it very much.

I am so thankful for the help, I have received over the years from the tutors. Thank you Read Write Now for giving me the ability and opportunity to be able to do things that I could not do before.

Growing Literacy by student Rose

A plant needs rain and sunlight to grow well and it needs the attention and maturity of a person to make a fruit, flower and to become a beautiful seedling. The Read Write Now program is like rain and sun and everything a student needs to grow great. 

Thank you so much to my teacher and the Read Write Now program. 





Fun Book Activity by student Kylie


Reading at My Place by student Kylie


Read Write Now 45 Years by student Marta






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