10 OCT 2022

WA Mental Health Week 2022

1 in 5 Australians will experience a mental health problem in any given year. In fact, mental illness is now said to affect every Australian either directly or indirectly. Mental ill health is a growing problem, one that has been made worse by the pandemic. Looking after your mental health and wellbeing, and knowing how to support others, has never been more important. There is no single cause for mental illness. Social, physiological, environmental and psychological factors play a part such as isolation, employment status, income and education level.

“Wellbeing is associated with such social qualities as confidence, optimism about the future, a sense of influence over one’s own destiny, and the social competences that promote satisfying and supportive relationships with other people – and not simply with an absence of diagnosed illness, disability or dissatisfaction.” (Mental Health Foundation 2011)

Research has highlighted the importance of lifelong learning in terms of maintaining mental health. The impact of adult community education (ACE) in Australia is not well known or understood and therefore is often overlooked and undervalued as an important social resource. 

ACTIONS people could take to improve their mental health:

  1. Connecting with local community
  2. Being active
  3. Taking notice of the world around you
  4. Continuing to learn
  5. Giving to others

ADULT COMMUNITY EDUCATION (ACE) programs such as READ WRITE NOW offer a pathway to social inclusion for people with mild to moderate mental health issues by:

  • Offering FREE, LOCAL learning opportunities that meet community needs and cater for adults of varying abilities and backgrounds
  • Providing PATHWAYS to skill development, employment and to mainstream education options
  • Developing ONGOING, LEARNER-CENTRED supportive learning partnerships
  • Being INCLUSIVE, FLEXIBLE, CARING and NON-JUDGEMENTAL building on the learner’s existing skills and knowledge

Further information on the role of adult and community education (ACE) providers in supporting people with mental health issues and case studies can be found here

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