Adult Learner Stories

Adult Learner Stories

Our students come from all walks of life.

Who are the students?

Over Read Write Now's extensive years of service, thousands of individuals have worked with volunteer tutors to achieve their personal and professional goals. These are just some examples:

Peter, who was approaching 60 years of age, was in fear of losing his job as his literacy problems prevented him from keeping up with workplace training. His tutor developed a learning program over a period of 2 years based initially on the forms, regulations and safety instructions in Peter's workplace. Peter was not only able to keep his job, he was given a promotion and no longer had to worry about his worst fear, “ be left on the scrap heap".

Maria had lived in Western Australia for 30 years but never had the opportunity to learn to read and write in English. Breaking the mould of the traditional Italian grandmother, Maria now wanted more in life than cooking and fussing over her family. Maria wanted to learn to read and write to obtain her driver's licence, use a street directory and telephone book so she could do voluntary work in the community and later some part-time study. Working with her tutor on a learning program based on her needs, Maria was able to achieve her goals.

Brett, an apprentice plumber, was very competent on the job, but he struggled with reading and studying and his employer had given him the ultimatum to pass his TAFE exams. Brett sought the help of a Read Write Now tutor who developed a literacy program based on Brett's course materials.

Rebecca always thought she was stupid because she could not spell and was a very weak reader. Her family were almost all illiterate and she was determined not to let that happen with her own children. When her daughter started school Rebecca was too scared to write a sick note, fearing that teachers would laugh at her. Two years after she started working with a tutor she enrolled at College, which led to eventually doing her university entrance exams. She started at Curtin University and graduated with distinctions in most subjects. Rebecca now writes tenders for a building company - very successful tenders too! Her children are now adults working in well paid jobs and forever grateful that Rebecca asked for help all those years ago to improve not only her life, but theirs as well.


Letter from a student

Maureen was matched with Jan and when they finished working together, Maureen wrote a letter of thanks. 

I loved school

Read Write Now student Vicki wrote this story about her difficult experiences at school, her frustration at not being able to learn like others did and how by having the courage to make one phone call, she accomplished so much.

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