Useful/Literacy Links inc Research

Useful/Literacy Links inc Research
Reading Resources


Gobsmackers Books, from Community Adult Literacy Foundation (CALF)

Fun readers for adults, based on real life stories - and the tales are all 'gobsmacking'. The books are not free, but Free Downloadable Tutoring Tips & Exercises develop each book into one or more tutoring sessions. CALF is made up of professionally trained volunteer Read Write Now Coordinators and community members with relevant experience.

Prace Pageturners, from Preston Reservoir Adult Community Education

Beginner Readers (Mizuri the Cat, The Beach etc) recommended by Read Write Now and available through RWN Coordinators. Not free, but the site has a number of freely downloadable worksheets based on the books + audio stories to listen to. There is also a blog where you can read about the stories behind the stories.

More Reading Material

Breaking News English (for English Language Learners but equally useful for Literacy)
More than 2,000 free lessons, available in 7 levels, each based on an item of up-to-date news. A reading text you can view and listen to, each read at up to 5 speeds (of British or American English), with related questions and activities. Complete lessons downloadable-short or long version.

A Fuller Sense of Self 
Free downloadable book, comprising six autobiographical stories by Victorian adult literacy learners (2011). There is also a video update of the authors, 5 years on.  Download the book here.

Vocabulary Resources

The British Council
Interactive vocabulary games as well as grammar resources.

Free Rice
Help others while helping your student: Each correct definition you select generates 10 grains of free rice donated to the UN World Food Program! You can also play this online game with grammar questions, maths and other subjects.

Schoolhouse Technologies
Free Printable 'Sample' vocabulary worksheets. Includes crosswords, word searches, word jumbles, and more.

Writing Resources

Handwriting Worksheets
Good practice for learners. Clear and traceable worksheets to download.

Time for
Particularly good for providing the tutor a framework for a writing Lesson, with seven main categories including 'Writing Sentences', 'Writing Paragraphs',' Writing Essays', & 'Teaching Writing', this site offers learning resources. Their aim is to entice you to enrol in 8-week paid courses - but in addition to free printable worksheets, there are also Power Point slide presentations, videos and on-line games on each available topic. Easy to use.

Purdue OWL
Purdue University's OWL (On-line Writing Lab) offers academic writing help for their students, as well as the world-wide community. Topics include: General Writing, Research and Citation, & Subject-Specific Writing, This site also has ESL Resources including Writing for Global Business Audiences. A particularly good site if you are working with a student doing high-level or international tertiary studies.

Grammar Resources

Grammar and Style Resources - University of New South Wales

Useful for academic writing, assignments, etc


Collins Co-Build Dictionary is recommended by RWN. For EAL learners, word frequency ratings indicate the relative importance of learning each word.

The Macquarie Dictionary -site has crossword resources (cryptic included), Word of the Week, Words to Watch, Podcasts, Dictionary Wit + an online dictionary. - we will let a RWN tutor explain this "Some tutors may find the site useful as it has lots of language activities for all ages. I've just started to use some with my student and found it easy by just sending the link for the pages we were going to use. Pretty well structured and illustrated with videos sometimes. "


The West Australian
The West is this state's only daily paper and covers news, business, travel, entertainment and sport. Entire articles can be printed off and the print size enlarged if necessary. Most articles are via subscription only. Perth Now is the virtual platform for what was Community Newspapers.

POST Newspapers
The Post is an independent community newspaper that has been operating in Perth's western suburbs for 30 years. Stories can be read on screen or printed off. 

The Perth Voice Interactive
Part of Perth Suburban Newspapers, independent of any national or multi national media organisations.  Great local read with well written and relevant stories that can be read on screen or printed off.

Newspapers online
Thousands of world newspapers at your fingertips. A great site for students to compare ways of reporting or see what is happening in other parts of the world.

Range of Literacy Resources

Australian Department of Skills and Employment site. A wealth of general literacy and industry-specific resources (eg, Agriculture, Business, Community Services, Construction, etc). Many free, some require to be purchased. Policy papers and all the latest Australian developments. Links to many other relevant Australian bodies. (Literacy Net belonged to the former Workplace English Language and Literacy (WELL) program. This program has now ceased.)

ACER LLN resources for teaching and learning
Core Skills Profile for Adults
Online assessments to identify individuals' literacy and numeracy skills, aligned to the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF).

Literacy Face to Face
Read Write Now was one of the reference groups that contributed to this publication. It has been developed to assist volunteer adult literacy tutors (and was used in our Tutor Training). The full document in PDF form can be downloaded at no charge. It is a great resource.

Reading Writing Hotline
The hotline is a free national referral service for adults seeking help with their literacy. On the website there are student stories, student resources and a good collection of tutor resources as well.

Great site for learners and teachers, English speaking and English Second Language. There is a huge variety of literacy and numeracy quizzes, vocabulary, grammar, news, cooking, games and lesson plans.

NALA is the National Adult Literacy Agency, Ireland. This is an excellent site for tutors and learners where over a thousand resources can be downloaded for free - workbooks and worksheets on a huge variety of topics including English, maths, technology, work and personal development. Be ready to download quite a bit of information!

Superteacher Worksheets
Aimed at children but still useful. Although now membership based, this site still has many excellent Free Printable worksheets. English (including Reading), Maths, Science, Puzzles & Brainteasers (including Sudoku).

A to Z Teacher Stuff
Teacher created materials with American themes, aimed at children. But you might want to use these: Word Shape or Handwriting Worksheet Generator, Word Search Maker. There are Lesson Plans, some of which could be used with adults.

Various Useful Information Sources

'Timetables', 'Tickets & Fares' and 'JourneyPlanner' can provide basic numeracy tasks.

RAC Keys4Life
The RAC has developed the Keys4Life program and website to "provide learner drivers and their supervisors with detailed advice on every step involved in getting a licence and choosing a driving instructor." Step by step directions & downloads.

Learner Drivers
Under 'Learn (overview)': Video of the 6 steps to obtain your driver's licence. Info about 'Teaching someone how to drive'. Informative downloads. Theory test sample quizzes. Hazard perception test. Under 'My Licensing Resources' find Forms in 12 languages.

Medical Information
NPS MedicineWise site : National Prescribing Service is an independent, not-for-profit and evidence-based Australian organisation providing information about medical conditions, medicines and medical tests. It aims to help people manage medicines and cut through medical jargon. Some information is available in 10 languages. Funded by Department of Health.

Consumer Protection
Western Australian Government site includes online resources and apps. Information on Consumer complaints, consumer rights , housing and accommodation etc.

Consumer Protection 
Australian Government site includes Fuel Watch, Scam Net, How to make a complaint, Retail Trading Hours, Housing/Rental and Charity Organisation Information.

Background Reading on Adult Literacy or Tutoring

Australian Council of Adult Literacy (ACAL)
ACAL promotes adult literacy and numeracy policy and practice. It is an advocate organisation with a WA branch (WAALC), supporting adult literacy practitioners within Australia, and promoting debate on adult literacy issues.
To read recent (and earlier) Papers and Reports on Australian Adult Literacy, view: 

Australian Government
Comprehensive information about education, training & qualifications. Literacy & Numeracy page offers information about Skills for Education & Employment (SEE) and Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP).

Adult Literacy & Lifeskills Survey (ALLS, 2013)
Australian Bureau of Statistics Report - Adult Literacy and Life Skills Survey, Summary Results, Australia, 2006

Tasmanian Council for Adult Literacy (TCAL)
Free downloadable books of stories written by adult literacy learners. Some have worksheets.

Queensland Council for Adult Literacy (QCAL)
This site has valuable Tutor Tips - but those published after 2012 can no longer be viewed by non-members. Scroll down the list to find pre-2012 Resources: definitely worth a look.

Literacy Face to Face
Read Write Now was one of the reference groups that contributed to this publication. It has been developed to assist volunteer adult literacy tutors (and was used in our Tutor Training). The full document in PDF form can be downloaded at no charge. 

National Adult Literacy Agency (NALA, Ireland)
This site has such an extensive amount of free resources available for literacy tutors, it would be impossible to list them all. Look in the RESOURCES section for ideas and worksheets.

Victorian Adult Literacy & Basic Education Council (VALBEC)
Resources link has many lesson ideas (including lots for numeracy). Links page may also be of interest.

For Culturally & Linguistic Diverse (CaLD) Students

More than 1,000 free videos, for and about learning English - including IELTS, Business English and Slang-presented by 11 different teachers. Also free printable Resources.

Massive EAL Learning site. Includes Listening, Pronunciation, English for Law /Nursing /HR, etc, and lessons based on current News stories.

Activities for ESL students
A huge number of on-line quizzes, tests, exercises and puzzles for students. *There are Podcasts and You Tube (ESL videos) to access. All levels.

Breaking News English
More than 2,000 free lessons, available in 7 levels, each based on an item of up-to-date news. A reading text you can view and listen to, each read at up to 5 speeds (of British or American English), with related questions and activities. Complete lessons downloadable-short or long version.

Marshall Adult Education
This 'Student Lessons' link has interactive activities which would be suitable for adult ESL beginners. Some lessons use Windows Media Player to hear the sounds. The sounds are not necessary to use the lessons, but they are enhanced with the sound.

Pronunciation Resources

Free Online Talking Dictionary of English Pronunciation
Also known as You can type in what you would like to hear, and hear the word quite clearly. If it does not know the word or phrase it will list the 'closest' it has to it. The 'New Entries' section is quite fun.

Interactive Phonemic Chart
Click on the symbol and hear it spoken. Good reference point for teaching explicit sounds.  If you click on the small arrows in the corner of each square, you will be shown words containing the sound, which you can also hear spoken.

International Phonetic Alphabet
Similar to the above, but a little more technical in appearance.

Sounds of English
Lots of interactive or printable pronunciation-based games. Card sets, bingo etc.


Be Connected Australian government site which supports development of digital skills. Start with the 'very basics': 'What is a computer?' etcetera. Offers free courses across a wide spectrum of skills.

Technology Explained!
"Terrified of technology? Let us explain..." Want to know how to 'Like' someone? Or how to stream your favourite show online? Or what a tweet is? Then let us explain...with ABC.

TELSTRA Tech Savvy Seniors
This is a series of reference guides (in .pdf format) introducing Computers, Email, Internet, Social media and Tablets. Quite simple to follow and available in 12 languages including English, Dari, Italian, Chinese, Vietnamese and Croatian. 

Employment Skills

In this very competitive job market, you need to be able to stand out from the crowd when applying for a job. Writing a clear, concise resume that outlines skills and experience will go toward this.  Here is a template to get you started.

A good article to read can be found here: