Coordinator Calendar

Coordinator Calendar

This is where you'll find out about upcoming events for coordinators. 

Metropolitan Tutor Training

Tutor Training is scheduled for August-September 2019. 

Training will be held at Northbridge campus of North Metropolitan TAFE, Aberdeen St, Northbridge.

Please ensure that all Police Check paperwork is submitted to Central Office prior to start of training.

Please use the database to check if a prospective tutor from your area has been invited and/or sent in an rsvp. Central Office also marks each day of attendance so that Coordinators can see if tutors have completed the training.

Professional Development

Literacy Alliance 'The Power of Reading' conference Saturday November 2.

Please encourage your tutors to attend professional development regularly.


Two exciting upcoming events that you will be invited to:

  • Adult Learners Week launch Tuesday September 3 NM TAFE (Library at #30 Aberdeen)
  • Inaugural Literacy Alliance ‘The Power of Reading - Literacy Conference’ - CHANGE OF DATE Saturday November 2, 2019